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This script uses a RemoteApp and Desktop Connections bootstrap file(a .wcx file) to set up a connection in Windows 7 workstation. No user interaction is required.It sets up a connection only for the current user. Always run the script in the user's session.
The script can be used to generate usage trend of Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server (TS) Per User CALs, track the total usage of Windows Server 2008 TS Per User CALs (including expired), track the usage of Windows Server 2008 TS PU CALs across a number of specified domains.
This module contains a set of Windows PowerShell functions allows you to list sessions and perform other session management tasks.
This script configures the operating system on the virtual machine to work with Remote Desktop Virtualization.
This script gets the list of virtual machine(s) on one or all of the nodes of a Hyper-V cluster.
This script creates virtual machines for use with MS VDI. The created virtual machines are automatically configured for MS VDI. A script is also output that can be run on Connection Broker to assign the created virtual machines to users or pools.
This script verifies the configuration settings across the RD Connection Broker servers that are a part of the Connection Broker Fail-Over cluster.
This script verifies the configuration of RD Connection Broker server in an RDV deployment.
This script verifies the configuration of all Servers and components in an RDV deployment.
Configures Guest OS for use with Windows Server 2008 R2 VDI.
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