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Amol S Patil
This script build to collect Printer details from local, remote or Printer server.Which gives us - Print Server,Printer Name,Port Name,Share Name,Driver Name,Driver Version,Driver,Location,Shared -Details

Updated 4/17/2013
Released 4/16/2013
OneScript Team - Microsoft
This PowerShell script will list the status of network printer and whether the printer connection is connected.
Updated 10/8/2013
Released 9/17/2013
Imran Pathan (immipathan)

PowerShell Script for Large Scale Printer Migration with New Printserver and New Share name,

This script is for medium to large scale printer migration with a different server and print queue name,
# ENVIRONMENT: 1. Existing Printer names has no standards

# 2. All ex
Updated 6/12/2013
Released 6/12/2013
Add Printer Permission using Security Definition Description Language (SDDL). The function adds full controll rights to the SDDL. Use Get-Printer and Set-Printer to modify Printer Permission on local and Remote Computers. Requires Microsoft PS Module PrintManagement.
Updated 10/21/2013
Released 10/21/2013
This script is a modification of the all the current scripts which are floating around to get the printer inventory from print servers.  The issue that I ran into with these is that for our larger client print servers, these took a LONG time to run.  This code runs much faster.
Updated 6/12/2013
Released 4/17/2013
Jeffrey S. Patton
I've been logging print jobs for several years now. Early on we used the free PaperCut Print Logger, which was fine. It gave us the information we needed and worked very well for quite some time. A few years ago when we upgraded our print server to 2008,
we noticed some problem
Updated 11/8/2012
Released 5/1/2012
This is a simple script to remove old print queues on a server(s) that you may have. It allows you to remove from multiple servers all you will need to do is create a csv file with server and DNS name of printer. Please contact me with any questions that you may have regarding it
Updated 7/14/2014
Released 7/14/2014
This powershell script will allow you to create an excel file on you computer with the following information about the printers on any given server: Printer NameLocationCommentIP AddressDriver NameSharedShare NamePlease be aware that while running the script you must have adminis
Updated 1/24/2014
Released 1/24/2014
This script will move all printers that are mapped to an old print server and re-map them to the new print server. The script will also transfer the default printer (if one exists and is pointed to the old print server). This script is also silent and will delete itself when it i
Updated 12/5/2013
Released 12/5/2013
OneScript Team - Microsoft
This VBScript will list the status of network printer and whether the printer connection is connected.
Updated 10/8/2013
Released 9/17/2013
The Scripting Community
Installs a TCP/IP printer port, installs a printer, and then sets the printer to be default. As written the script installs a Brother printer, but you can substitute any printer
Updated 8/10/2009
Released 8/10/2009
Powershell script that queries active directory for computer membership groups that reference printers, then adds or removes printers based on those membership groups.
Updated 11/8/2013
Released 11/8/2013
Set/Replace a Printer Driver on Print Queues on local or remote Computer. The Printer Drivers must be installed, This Function is not going to install Printer Drivers. Printers that do not replay to ping will be skipped. The advanced Function supports -whatif and -confirm
Updated 12/18/2013
Released 12/18/2013
David in California
This script modifies the default paper tray on a printer.This script requires the PrintManagement PowerShell module that comes included with Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.X.Here are the steps to run this script.1.  Open the script in PowerShell ISE2.  Modify the $strPrinterNa
Updated 2/1/2014
Released 2/1/2014
OneScript Team - Microsoft
This sample can help you to get the total number of the printers hosted on your print Server by using PowerShell.
Updated 7/29/2013
Released 6/28/2013

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