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The Exchange Team

The Exchange Team MSFT

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This script can be used to help convert LDAP filters to new OPATH syntax after installing Exchange 2007. OPATH is the filtering syntax used by Exchange Server 2007.
Sean Kearney (Honorary Scripting Guy)
Script creates new User in Exchange 2007, disables Email address policy, stamps only ONE custom email address
Updated 12/11/2009
Released 12/11/2009
OneScript Team - Microsoft
This script will count the number of email addresses that created via Email Address Policy for all Mailboxes.
Updated 10/8/2013
Released 9/17/2013
Script is below by default do not actually require any parameters to be input. Features1. Relies on RSAT tool installed on local machine, no third party Cmdlets required to run2. Exceptionally fast since relies on ActiveDirectory Module and search is performed on server instead o
Updated 2/24/2014
Released 2/24/2014
Chris Carter 79
This script will save emails in the .msg format from the Outlook Inbox and place them in a folder of your choosing.
Updated 4/4/2013
Released 4/4/2013
Get-AttachmentFromEmail.ps1 will use Exchange Web Services to search the inbox of a given Exchange 2007+ mailbox associated with an SMTP Address for any emails with attachments that are similar to the subject specified. If found all attachments in the emails found will be sav
Updated 11/11/2013
Released 11/1/2013
OneScript Team - Microsoft
This script can send an email message with Office 365 Exchange Online. Also this script allows you to delay sending an email message.
Updated 7/29/2013
Released 12/19/2012
OneScript Team
This script shows how to move multiple email messages to a specific folder in Office 365 Exchange Online. You can use this script to search email messages that meet specified search criteria and then move these email messages to a specific folder.
Updated 10/18/2013
Released 4/8/2013
OneScript Team - Microsoft
This script will enable Email Address Policy for Mailboxes, Mail Contacts and Distribution Groups.
Updated 10/8/2013
Released 9/17/2013
OneScript Team - Microsoft
This script can fix duplicate email addresses for mail-enabled objects. This script allows you to export mail-enabled objects that duplicate email addresses. After you correct the email addresses for these groups, you can use this script to import them to the Active Directory.
Updated 7/29/2013
Released 2/6/2013
OneScript Team
This script can export email messages from Outlook Web App to a specific folder. These email messages will be saved in .eml format. You need to find the email messages by using search folder.
Updated 10/18/2013
Released 12/19/2012
Abhishek Borole
Following the template where you can send email from powershell to concern person. Like after generaing the report, it will automatically sent to concern person which is mentioned in script. You can add this script to any powershell script where you want
output to your email.Ma
Updated 5/26/2012
Released 5/26/2012
Produces email stats from Exchange 2007 or 2010 Message Tracking Logs
Updated 2/26/2011
Released 2/24/2011
This script is used as a scheduled task to remotely restart a Virtual Machine on a Hyper-V host. The script will send out an email notification if hte reboot was successfull or not.Replace the HyperV host, VM name, email ( from; to) and smtp server.THIS SCRIPT REQUIRES THE HYPERV
Updated 3/23/2012
Released 3/23/2012
Sukhija Vikas
Hi Readers,Sharing a sweet code to send HTML email via powershell.Aattched is a very simple method for sending the html email.zip file contains script & html file (you can edit in MS word according to your requirment).Most of the parameters that  are required to send email are in
Updated 6/19/2013
Released 6/12/2013
Use CreateObject("CDO.Message") to send email with 'smtpauthenticate'
Updated 2/2/2010
Released 2/2/2010

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