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Craig Lussier
These PowerShell scripts will automate downloading and installing the SharePoint 2013 Prerequisites on Windows Server 2012. The scripts will assist those who need to install SharePoint 2013 'offline' or wish to manually install its Prerequisites on Windows Server 2012.
Updated 2/15/2013
Released 11/22/2012
Hi,on the attachment steps how to develop advanced Request Form and design request process of "Employee Vacation Request" with Approval process workflow also build our custom task approval form.Required Tools: InfoPath 2010 Designer.  SharePoint 2010 Enterprise environment. Share
Updated 1/25/2012
Released 1/25/2012
Vlad Catrinescu
After everyone posted about 10 script versions to download the SharePoint Conference 2014 videos I decided to add some extra value before releasing mine! This is what my script does:
Downloads all the SPC14 Sessions and Slides Groups them by folders Makes sure no errors come up
Updated 3/17/2014
Released 3/12/2014
Muawiyah Shannak

This Powershell script that downloads each item in a list of URLs (of SharePoint 2013 pre-requisites) to a user-specified location. This PowerShell Script use in a situation when you don’t have internet access (install sharepoint 2013 offline) in the
SharePoint 2013 server.A
Updated 11/21/2013
Released 2/10/2013
Thomas Balkeståhl
Alternate Access Mappings - After you have finished this guide, or only parts of it, you will hopefully grasp the functionality of Alternate Access Mappings and what it’s all about.First I have added a checklist of things that must be done in order for any AAM to work.
Updated 10/17/2012
Released 10/17/2012
Roger Cormier
This script uses PowerShell to copy all files and folders from one document library to another document library.  This script will allow you to copy an entire document library, along with user-defined metadata from one site collection to another.
Updated 11/7/2013
Released 11/17/2012
Gokan Ozcifci
I’m proud to present you the first Wiki Ninjas Guide to SharePoint 2013. This eBook is not mine. It's also not yours. But it’s from the community. You can find many articles here written by Joe Davis, Magriet Bruggeman, Craig Lussier, Thuan Soldier, me and many other SharePoint
Updated 11/30/2013
Released 11/25/2013
Gokan Ozcifci
I’m proud to present you the second Wiki Ninjas Guide to SharePoint 2013. This eBook is not mine. It's also not yours. But it’s from the community. You can find many articles here written by
Philippe Levesque,
Benoit Jester,
Valentin Lecerf,
Hezequias Vascelamos and
Gokan Oz
Updated 12/14/2013
Released 12/14/2013
Miguel Fra
This is a SharePoint 2013 template for a trouble Ticket system. It's easy to set up and customize and it works great for IT service businesses that support multiple external clients.
Updated 12/28/2013
Released 1/14/2013
In SharePoint 2013 you will find that the option to enable email notification for Tasks list is no longer there. It used to be under List Settings > Advanced Settings > Send e-mail when ownership is assigned? (Yes/No).
It is still there for Issues list in SharePoint 2013 howeve
Updated 6/25/2013
Released 6/25/2013
Natalia Tsymbalenko
The term store is not stored in the content database. It's a responsibility of the Managed Metadata Service.You question - how can I migrate term store from one farm to another?Here is what I found useful to read and use:Migrating managed metadata term sets to another farm on ano
Updated 10/9/2013
Released 10/9/2013
Thomas Balkeståhl
https / Secure Sockets LayerIt has become something of a habit of mine, to jump over the tougher
more difficult topics, the ones that I have spent a lot of energy avoiding
before. Kerberos must be the worst of them all, and since I feel that I have
Kerberos pretty much covered
Updated 12/28/2012
Released 12/28/2012
A Powershell script that downloads each item in a list of URLs (of SharePoint 2010 pre-requisites) to a user-specified location.

The latest release has an updated URL for the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services ADOMD.NET.
Updated 10/22/2012
Released 4/29/2010
Sayed K. Ali
Dear AllI want to announce that ​i finished from SharePoint 2013 Virtual Machine , it contains the following: -
Windows Server 2012 SQL Server 2012 SharePoint 2013 RTM  Visual Studio 2012 SharePoint Designer 2013 You will find the login information at the attched fileYou can fin
Updated 6/15/2013
Released 6/15/2013
Cornelius J. van Dyk
This PowerShell script will take a site collection URL as input and will then itterate through each sub web in the site collection, clearing it's recycle bin before finally clearing the site collection recycle bin at the end.This script is very useful if you're moving site collec
Updated 12/11/2013
Released 12/12/2011
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