Async SQL Backup

Run multiple backup jobs at the same time. This script IS cluster aware.

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  • Paths issue in resulting backups
    2 Posts | Last post April 24, 2014
    • I have a 2014 SQL server with 4 instances.  When I use this script, the paths of the backups get stacked on top of each other and some of the backups fail because the 'device paths' is simply too long. I suspect the script is not rooting the instances as it iterates through the list.
              │   └───MNJ_DEV_SQL3
              │       └───MNJ_DEV_SQL3
              │           ├───MNJSQL3
              │           │   └───MNJ_SHAREPOINT
              │           │       └───MNJ_SHAREPOINT
              │           │           ├───Application_
      Excerpt of results eMail:
      Application_Registry_Service_DB_40b12b4e4d914dd1abae2d00908a7cef FAILED: Invalid device name. The length of the device name provided exceeds supported limit (maximum length is:259). Reissue the BACKUP statement with a valid device name.
      .Managed Metadata Service_54ba1a7f581d4a61a1ba9951ed6c1a3a successfully
      I could try to fix myself but I thought I'd report it first.
    • Well it was designed to separate all of them, leave it up to sharepoint to generate ridiculously long database names.
      Im not sure what you mean by rooting, but you might be able to use a psdrive to shorten it a bit, since its a sql issue it seems and not a PS issue.
      If i were to modify the script to give options for the paths, it would add a lot to the script and make it a bit more complex and harder to use.
      I dont have time lately to work on any of this stuff so i'd suggest either use the PS drive to try and shorten the base path, or rip the pathing part of the script apart and shrink it down or have it truncate some of it