This script returns a listing of implemented WMI methods and writable WMI Properties for all WMI classes in a particular WMI namespace. By default it searches the root/cimv2 namespace, but this is configurable.

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  • Other useful attributes
    1 Posts | Last post March 10, 2011
    • Included all properties, not just viewable, and included Type and IsArray attributes of Properties.
      [string]$divider = "="*80
      [string]$sColor = "Green"
      [string]$uColor = "darkGreen"
      [string]$computer = "."
      Get-WmiObject -List -Namespace "root\cimv2" -computer $computer | sort Name | % {
              Write-Host -ForegroundColor $sColor $
              Write-Host -ForegroundColor $uColor $divider
              $ | where {$_.Qualifiers.Name -ne 'Abstract'} | ft @{Label="PROPERTIES"; Expression={$_.Name}; Align="Left"; Width=30;}, `
                  @{Label="Type"; Expression={$_.Type}; Align="Left"; Width=10;}, `
                  @{Label="IsArray"; Expression={$_.IsArray}; Align="Left"; Width=8;}
              $_.methods | where {$_.Qualifiers.Name -ne 'Abstract'} | ft @{Label="METHODS"; Expression={$_.Name}; Align="Left"; Width=30;}