Get the Size of My Documents Folder

Calculates the size of the My Documents special folder.

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  • Any idea how you'd do this for all users in a Domain?
    3 Posts | Last post March 03, 2011
    • Curiously,
      If you wanted to do this for all users with a local profile on a list of computers, how would you?
      I have a need to college the size of all of the local files in My Documents for a bunch of workstations, prior to turning on roaming profiles.  (We need to ensure that we have enough storage space on the file servers...)
    • That's an odd question. Or I am ignorant. Wouldn't you already have access to this information as systems administrator for a network of workstations? 
      How many workstations are there (were there, as I'm sure you've resolved this by now, nearly a year later)? It might be easier to just walk around and check yourself on each workstation, although I realize that is not relevant, and understand that the point is to do it with a script. I was also thinking that this should be a one-time need. But that isn't necessarily the case, as you would need to periodically check to see if you needed to purchase additional storage space for your file servers, based on possibly increasing needs by users, as well as additional users. I would think that applications for running client server networks would provide the means to figure this out. Is that not actually the case?
      So, curiously, GBMaryland, what DID you do? Did you modify this script to determine local storage usage for all users in the domain? An answer to any one of my many questions would be appreciated, I realize I'm asking an awful lot of them, and very after the fact!
      Thank you!
    • GB,
      I noticed two recent entries, time stamp mid-January 2011, that might be of use to you. 
      ===> Collect userprofile, recycle bin and selective folder size for remote servers (Community)
      ===>  Get user profile size from remote server (Community)
      Note that this includes the size of all hidden folders including My Documents 
          # calculate the total userprofile size, use recurse and force to include subfolders and hidden files