Create a quota threshold and set the command as indicated below.

Strictly speaking it could be that the [Source Io Owner] is not the users whose group membership wanted to evaluate, as we're using this for Home Directories it's not a huge issue.

It also requires PowerShell Commands (CMDLETs) for Active Directory by Quest Software (but these are free)

It's not pretty, I know.

function PassByPosition{
  "User: {0}" -f $args[0]
  "Path: {0}" -f $args[1]

add-PSSnapin Quest.ActiveRoles.ADManagement
$GROUP_NAME_VAR =  Get-QADMemberOf $args[0] -Indirect | Select-Object Name |`
   Where-Object {$_.Name -match "<GROUP_NAME>"}

if ($GROUP_NAME_VAR = "<GROUP_NAME>") {C:\WINDOWS\system32\dirquota.exe quota modify /path:"$path" /sourcetemplate:"<TEMPLATE_NAME>"}