This is a script mostly for curiosity purposes to list all the crawled properties available to FastSearch. The output of this script can be used in the input section of the pipelineextensibility.xml file.

Open a FastSearch powershell to execute this script. There are no input arguments and the output is placed in a file called pipelineextensibilityxml.txt

$cps = Get-FASTSearchMetadataCrawledProperty
foreach ($cp in $cps)
        $isnum = $thename.ToLower().equals($thename.ToUpper())
        if ( $cp.VariantType.equals(31))
                if ($isnum)
                        $outstr+="<CrawledProperty propertySet="""+$cp.Propset + """ varType=""" + $cp.VariantType + """ propertyId="""+$cp.Name+"""/>`n"
                        $outstr+="<CrawledProperty propertySet="""+$cp.Propset + """ varType=""" + $cp.VariantType + """ propertyName="""+$cp.Name+"""/>`n"
        #<CrawledProperty propertySet="d1b5d3f0-c0b3-11cf-9a92-00a0c908dbf1" varType="31" propertyName="search.mnp.template" />
$outstr | Out-File pipelineextensibilityxml.txt