This is a basic script to gather RAM and pagefile information from servers, although it would probably work with desktops as well.  It expects a text file named "servers.txt" that is a simple list of server names in the same directory as the script.  it outputs a comma delimited list of servername, RAM (in MB), and pagefile size (in MB).  To create a simple csv file for import into excel, simply redirect the output to a .csv file (e.g. .\Memdata.ps1 > memresults.csv )

$serverlist=get-content .\servers.txt 
write-output "Server,RAM,Pagefile"

foreach ($server in $serverlist) {

 $physicalmem=get-wmiobject -computer $server Win32_ComputerSystem | % {$_.TotalPhysicalMemory}
 $Pagefilesize=get-wmiobject -computer $server Win32_pagefileusage | % {$_.AllocatedBaseSize}
 Write-Output "$server,$physicalmem,$pagefilesize"