This script will simply allow you to activate one of the whole word or word part entity extractors in FAST Search.

To use just specify the name of the extractor you want to activate when calling the appendOptionalProcessing function

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.FASTSearch.PowerShell -erroraction SilentlyContinue 

function appendOptionalProcessing($processorType) {
    Write-Host $("Activiting Entity Extractor : " + $processorType)
    $FASTSEARCH = [environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("FASTSEARCH","Machine")
    $optionalProcessingFile = $($FASTSEARCH + "etc\config_data\DocumentProcessor\optionalprocessing.xml")
    $xml = New-Object XML
    $processorType = $processorType.ToLower()
    $processor = $xml.SelectSingleNode("/optionalprocessing/processor[@name='" + $processorType + "']")
    $processor.SetAttribute("active", "yes")