Somehow when I try to copy pages from one wss wiki library to another it didn't work out. When I tried using Sharepoint Designer, it would let me copy the pages but not the content. The pages would be 4 kb and empty.

So I created a script that copies a wikipage from one library to another.


$site=new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite("http://MySPSite")

$rootWeb = $site.OpenWeb("MyWeb/wiki-sandbox")
$list = $rootWeb.Lists["Wikipages"]

$rootWebTo = $site.OpenWeb("MyWeb/wiki")
$listTo = $rootWebTo.Lists["Wikipages"]
$rootFolderTo = $listTo.RootFolder

$listItems = $list.get_Items()
foreach ($item in $listItems)

$displayNaam = $item.DisplayName

$wikiContent = $item["WikiField"].ToString()
$displayNaam = $displayNaam + ".aspx"
$newWikiName = [System.String]::Format("{0}/{1}", $rootFolderTo, $displayNaam)

$wikiPage = $listTo.RootFolder.Files.Add($newWikiName, [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPTemplateFileType]::WikiPage)
$wikiItem = $wikiPage.Item
$wikiItem["WikiField"] = $wikiContent