With the advancement in the technical world, life has changed in many ways and the change is impactful to such a degree that no one now can think of living without it, let alone living, they cannot even bring themselves to think about the ways in which the people used to live before such invention. One of such invention is the easy accessibility and options that the internet and online platforms provide for watching movies online without even having to spend a buck.

After a long and tiring day, people look forward to coming home to relax and watch free movies online on the many sites that are created for fulfilling the motion picture goals of the entire human population. The movie websites technology is now more advanced with its many versions and quality in which the content can be viewed. Such developments in the technology of the movie websites have hooked people more than ever to the free online movie websites.

The top 10 list of the web technology for easy movie viewing are:


Netflix is now not only an application for viewing movies, series or documentaries because it has completely replaced the activity of doing such tasks with its brand name. People now say “lets Netflix” and that seems to cover the activity more appropriately than the other words of “let’s watch or view this movie or series”.

If you are under the impression that Netflix is not free then there is one loophole that you can use to your advantage in order to bask in the free perks of watching exclusive Netflix series and movies and that is using one email address to sign up for Netflix account for a free first month trial and then cancelling the account and signing up with another one.


When people wish to watch a video, then the first and foremost place that comes to mind is YouTube. This one of a kind online platform has millions of users every hour of every day and it hosts infinite videos on any topic or genre imaginable.

Do you recall the days when people would lose more than enough hours on watching music videos, cat videos by the famous or upcoming artists and YouTubers and also the trailers of the upcoming movies from all around the world? This video-oriented platform has evolved to a great extent since that time. Now the film enthusiasts can surf the YouTube to quench their thirst for movies.

All thanks to the Movies Tab on the platform that the users now can easily access what catches their attention and pick the one that they want to watch from the array of movie choices for free.


Dailymotion is of the belief that videos are the best way to capture and share incredible variety that life has to offer. Dailymotion has always kept its door open for the users who want to enjoy the movies and series without having to worry about getting their pockets empty.

This online platform also offers its users the choice to watch live or on-demand sports competitions, which is truly a dream come true for all the people who enjoy having more than one tab open to watch both movies or series or documentaries and live sports action side by side.


Putlockers is one of the best online website choices for watching movies and series without going through any trouble of providing your card details to the website owner.

The list of the things to watch on this platform never runs out of options. As it is one of the latest sources of getting your hands on the recently released movies and series, it is a huge hit and is always recommended by every person to another, whoever wants to have a good time. With Putlockers open on one of your tabs, be amongst the first ones to watch the latest and the talked-about movies and series.


Putlocker is another simple online platform where everyone can look for their favourite videos without facing any trouble. This site is highly user-friendly and possesses the same kind of interface with a wide search bar at the centre of the homepage. Whenever you type in the name of the video that you want to watch, it provides you with the list of the related videos as well.

Once the option of the typed name appears, on clicking the option, the user is redirected to the page of playing the video. On this site, you can also check for anything on the basis of the country, genre, IMBD-list and much more.


Crackle is one of the preferred sites on this list. It is mainly because since the site has partnered with Sony Pictures, it offers some of the highlybuzzed flicks at free of cost. The films are full in length.

It does not matter whether you are watching the site on your laptop, computer, I-pad, tablet or Smartphone, the website is fully optimized and all the videos are displayed in high quality. At times, the videos are interrupted by advertisements but there are options to skip it when you are 10 seconds into its streaming, which when compared to the kind of service that this site provides is hardly an inconvenience.

Tubi TV

There are genuinely a lot of genres provided on Tubi TV. Apart from the common genres like drama, adventure, documentary, action, horror, and kids, there are more exclusive categories like Best of British, Women First, Wild Things and much more, from where the users can choose and enjoy something that they do not usually watch.

Such option by this site only enriches the watching experience. Movies from big movie studios such as Lionsgate Starz, Paramount, and MGM also form a part of this website and that provides people thousands of hours to stream more unique videos.

There are videos on this website that need to be rented first to watch, while the majority of them are free.


Popcornflix is another website that is worth browsing and exploring. With 1500+ movies available for viewing anytime, the collection of the site is really extensive. Therefore, its division of the movies into categories helps a lot in searching the movies and series on the basis of their genres.

It is because of the Screen Media Ventures that the fresh flicks are also being added to the website constantly.

Another amazing thing about this site is that it does not need an account for the user to watch the videos. You can simply click on the video that you want to watch and relax.


Yidio falls under the category of those websites that provide universal search as well as discovery choice to all the users that wish to spend more than an hour or two on either viewing classical or modern flicks. The option of the search is offered via the search bar that is placed at the top of the page.
Some of the newly released movies and series can also be found on the site like Game of Thrones, Vikings, and many more. The videos can be easily sorted by the filters to watch it as per your preference.  It also allows the users to create a watch-list to keep track of the videos that they have watched or want to watch.


SnagFilms’ video library stretches across tens of thousands of files, which makes it one of the most popular websites for the people to turn to whenever they want to discover something new and interesting.

The catalogue of the website can be explored on the basis of the most reviewed, genre, newly added and the most popular. Apart from this, the website provides an exclusive feature that allows the people to dive into collections created by the other users as well as editors.

You only have to sign up for an account through your social media accounts and that is all you need to take advantage of this site.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the mentioned websites and check the movies and series off your list that you have always wanted to watch!