v2.0 - script has been streamlined, and re-written as function. See new version in the Script Center Repository.


This script automates the task of creating a local admin account on many computers. 

As usual the script leaves a log file on the same folder where it runs. It lists the steps taken and any error messages encountered. 

The script works even if Script Execution Policy is Restricted on the target computers. 

The script will fail if the password entered for the new local admin account does not meet the minimum password requirements on the target computers. 

Word of caution: the new admin account password is saved in the log files which is created in the same folder where the script runs. This is a clear text file. It's advisable to delete that log file, encrypt it, or move it to a secure folder. 

For more information see http://superwidgets.wordpress.com/category/powershell/