Adjusting Token Privileges in Powershell

Enables or disables privileges for a specified token process.

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  • Not working for me on 2008 R2
    3 Posts | Last post June 29, 2015
    • I tested the script on 2012 R2 and is working just fine, I am able to setup audit logging via powershell. But for 2k8 R2 I can not figure out yet why not. The script executes and the seRestorePrivilege is set to true (enabled), but still getting "Permission denied" when I am trying to setup audit logging. I tried with default powershell on 2k8 and also with upgraded to 4, so I can not say it's a problem with the version of powershell. Any thoughts? 
    • for audit logging you have to set the "SeAuditPrivilege" Privilege
    • I tried that, not working