New console task for SCSM. Expand "Advanced Search" feature. Adds adding ability to save query and run saved query from list.

Installation: download MPB and import to SCSM

Usage guide:

Task binding to Work Item root folder and Configuration Items root folder:

When you first time run the task standard Advanced Search dialog apears. You can set any parameters as usual and hit search button. After atempt to close window with search result, you will be asked to save current query:

If you press Yes, "Save Query" dialog will be displayed:

Type any text and press save button.

If you have any saved queries, "Select query to run" dialog will be displayed when you call the task:

Select any query from list and press "Run query". You will see standard search result window. Press Cancel button to create new query.

To remove unnecessary query select one and press Remove button.

You can't edit exist queries, only delete and recreate new one.

Only SCSM SP1 supported!!! Interface translated to ENG and RUS.

All queries are saved in registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\System Center\2010\Service Manager\Console\SavedQueries