AdventureWorks Sample for Data Quality Services (DQS)

AdventureWorks sample for Data Quality Services (DQS) to demonstrate domain management, cleansing, and matching capabilities in DQS.

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  • Can't export Cleansing result to SQL (DQS_STAGING_DATA)
    3 Posts | Last post March 14, 2013
    • When I use the DQS Client I am logged in with an Administrative account.
      That account as role membership to db_ddladmin, db_datawriter and db_datareader of the DQS_STAGING_DATA and when I try to export the cleansing results to a table it fails!!!
      Failed to create a new table 'testresult' in database 'DQS_STAGING_DATA'. Check whether the table already exists, and have the database administrator make sure the DQS Service has CREATE TABLE rights in the destination database and can INSERT to the destination table.
    • to validate my findings I tried with other DQS and Cleansing projects and I can export to a SQL Server Tables in any database including DQS_STAGING_DATA...
      I think there is something you need to look at with the AdventureWorks sample for DQS - try exporting the result from Scenario 1 
    • Hello Stephane,
      I am looking into this issue now, and will revert with my findings/resolution.
      Thanks for taking time to report issues, and helping us improve.
      (SQL Server Documentation | Twitter: @vivek_msft)