Microsoft is publishing the sessions from Microsoft Build 2015.

The sessions is available on Channel9, after the conference.

This is an update of my previous download script for old TechEd Europe script.

Latest version: ver. 1.9.

2014.10.31 - ver. 1.8 - Changed default folder to c:\TEE14.

2014.10.30 - ver. 1.7 - Added Progress Bar feature to download.

2014.10.29 - ver. 1.6 - Added selection in menu for video quality, that you want to download.

2014.10.28 - ver. 1.5 - Bugfix if comments are equal null - thanks for Daniel Lauritzen ( for code review.

2014.10.28 - ver. 1.4 - Fixed wrong RSS URLs

2014.10.27. - ver. 1.3 - Updated for TechEd Europe content, added menu for download location and choice regarding video , powerpoints or both.

This script will download from Channel9 in mp4 high quality and slides (pptx) for all sessions, where available. They should all be available after the conference, but some are already available online. Be aware of diskspace needed for download.

Inspired from the original script by Vlad Catrinescu ( who made a script for the SharePoint Conf 2014. I have updated it to handle MEC 2014, LyncConf 2014 and now TechEd NA 2014.

All content are saved to c:\BUILD2015.

Read more about it on my blog: