a.app_name as ApplicationName,  
(SUM(DATEDIFF(s,a.start_timea.end_time)))/60/60 as Hours, ((SUM(DATEDIFF(s,a.start_timea.end_time)))-((SUM(DATEDIFF(s,a.start_timea.end_time)))/60/60*60*60))/60 as Minutes, (SUM(DATEDIFF(s,a.start_timea.end_time))) - ((SUM(DATEDIFF(s,a.start_timea.end_time)))/60/60*60*60 + ((SUM(DATEDIFF(s,a.start_timea.end_time)))-((SUM(DATEDIFF(s,a.start_timea.end_time)))/60/60*60*60))/60*60as Seconds 
  ApplicationUsage a 
  a.username LIKE @username 
     AND a.start_time >= ISNULL(@starttimea.start_time) 
       AND a.end_time <= ISNULL(@endtimea.end_timeGROUP BY a.app_name

This App-V 5 SQL report will summarize application usage over a specified time period into Hours, Minutes, and Seconds.  It displays the Application name that is being run as well as the user that ran the package.  The input for the @username parameter should be domain\username.

  • In your report, you will need to set parameters for "@username" of Data Type:  Text, and "@starttime" and "@endtime" of Data Type:  Date/Time. 
  • Your report DataSet will include: ApplicationName, Hours, Minutes, Seconds
  • Your report file (.rdl) will include the following fields
  • @username ApplicationName Hours Minutes Seconds