App-V Package Accelerator for Apple Safari 5 and QuickTime 7.6

Use this App-V Package Accelerator to sequence Apple Safari 5 and QuickTime 7.6 together in a single package
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The Microsoft Application Virtualization Package Accelerator software does not give you any license rights to the application used to create this Package Accelerator. You must abide by all end user license terms for such application.

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  • Updated versions of software
    1 Posts | Last post May 23, 2013
    • Hi Aaron
      Yours is the first package accelerator I've actually thought useful enough to download.  The only problem is that the versions of the software you refer to are all very much out of date.  From your experience, will the PA still work with newer versions or must the PA be updated with each new release of software.  If the latter, how would I go about updating your package.  I am a computer engineer with programming experience and quite happy to edit xml files, etc.
      Mike McAnulty