This script was featured in a guest blog post on Microsoft's Hey Scripting Guy blog, which was titled PowerShell Community and the Windows System Administration Tool.

New in v2.0.1:

New in v2.0:

ACSA Requirements:
- Powershell v2 or greater

Usage: Download and unblock the file (Right-click, Properties and unblock). Unzip and open the AWSA.Options.xml file in Notepad to modify any settings.  To use the GUI, right-click the AWSA.ps1 script and select 'Run with PowerShell'.  Once the GUI loads, type in a partial computer name to search for it in Active Directory.  Right-click on a computer in the listbox and select it to move the name into the textbox.  If you already know the name of the computer you would like to manage remotely, you can type that directly into the textbox.


This PowerShell GUI was built with Sapien's PrimalForms 2011.

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