AutoCAD is a tool that is used to design DWG files or Drawing files for various items. Whether it is a building structure blueprint, design of a mechanical machine, Dress designing or electrical chips, AutoCAD found its use on all the industries and all these designed are made on DWG files. Accuracy and precision is the most important parameter in DWG files and if these files get corrupt then they lose these properties. To repair corrupt DWG files and recover lost or deleted files we can use the DataNumen DWG Recovery software commonly referred to as DDWGR.

This AutoCAD recovery software is one of the best tools to repair DWG files in AutoCAD as it recovers as much data as possible and does not harm the files during recovery. The DDWGR tool from DataNumen is the software to which most of the users look upon as it ensures recovery of files precisely and minimize the loss. The added advantage is that DataNumen DWG Recovery is completely FREE for personal and non-commercial use.

DDWGR can Fix AutoCAD Errors Listed Below

The tool resolves these errors quickly and repair corrupt DWG files in quick manner.

Features of DWG Recovery Software

Complete Recovery of DWG Files: The recovery process of AutoCAD Repair Tool is simple. You just need to launch the tool and open corrupt .dwg file, it then starts scanning the file and repair them. After DWG file repair the AutoCAD tool recovers the lost data in their original state.

Recover Each and Every Object: AutoCAD Tool is designed so that every minute constraints and objects get recovered. All objects like BLOCK, POINT, LINE, ARC, CIRCLE, ELLIPSE, SPLINE, XLINE, RAY, SOLID, 3DFACE, VERTEX & POLYLINE gets recover in same measurements to ensure accuracy.

Automatically Detection of Files: When you run AutoCAD Recovery tool you need not to specify the version, it automatically detect the .DWG files with the version they are created and save them in the same AutoCAD version. You can save those files in .DWG and .DXF Format.

Recover Deleted Files: While recovery process AutoCAD Tool run deep scan of entire file and thus it recovers accidentally deleted DWG files as well. You can also preview files before recovery.

Batch File Recovery: If there are multiple .dwg files that needs to be recovered then you can batch process these files instead of recovering single file in single time.  AutoCAD Recovery Tool repair and recover files simultaneously.

Support: AutoCAD Recovery Tool supports AutoCAD R2.5, R2.6, R9, R10, R11, R12, R13, R14, 2000 to 2014 and is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Visa/7/8/8.1/10.

Interface: AutoCAD tool has self-guiding feature which make it easy to use. With its user friendly interface you can easily drag and drop files. 

The Main Advantage of Usingdata DWG Recovery Software

The Average recovery rate of DataNumen DWG Recovery is 81.10 which is atleast 15% more than the other software in market. The tool offers the recovery Guarantee, if you find any other software that can recover DWG file data more than DataNumen DWG Recovery then your order will refund.