Automatic Australian RGS/Response Groups Holiday Sets

This is a script that adds/maintains the relevant Australian Holidays to your Skype4B / Lync environment for the next 12-24 months based on data available from the Australian Government Website.

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  • VicGrandFinalDay2017 missing from the Vic list
    2 Posts | Last post December 15, 2016
    • Hi James, it looks like you've defined $VicGrandFinalDay2017 but not added it to $VicHolidays?
    • Hi David.
      I think at the time VicHolidays hadnt been defined on the source website that I get the holidays from. Hoping to make an XML parser that creates holidays automatically based on the Australian Governments holiday XML feed soon. Otherwise I'll release an updated version in Jan to cover 2017-2018