AutoBrowse is a powerful module for automating internet explorer. With AutoBrowse, you can automate interaction with running browsers and with Internet Explorer, so you can automate even the most annoying webpage.
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  • Test-BrowserLocation
    1 Posts | Last post September 22, 2014
    • Has anyone attempted to Invoke-BrowserControl upon and the return of -On_True or -On_False using Test-BrowserControl?
      For example:
      $ie | Test-BrowserLocation -Url http://davms140026dev.core.drs.master/CPWeb/masterPage.htm#A0 -On_False { $ie | Invoke-BrowserControl -Name "lgoffBttn" -Click } -On_True { send-mailmessage -from ..... } 
      send-mailmessage works fine upon -On_True.