AutomatedLab 5.5.268 - released on January 30 2019. Deployment of TFS / AzureDevOps was added + lots of bug fixes. Please refer to the changelog on GitHub.

For further documentation and source code please go to There is also a change log on GitHub.


Comments, feature requests and bug reports are very welcome as a GitHub issue or email to

AutomatedLab is a hydration solution that enables you to setup test and lab environments with multiple products in a very short time or just a single VM. There are only two requirements you need to make sure: You need the DVD ISO images and a Hyper-V host machine. If you go for Azure you just the Publishing Settings file for your subscription.

Supported products

 This solution supports setting up Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 machines with the following products


Some interesting features

Quick start

 The AutomatedLab.msi has three components: Modules, Documentation and Sample Scripts. The modules are installed in your private module directory: C:\Users\<username> \Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules by default and the documentation and samples scripts in your personal documents folder. You can change all the locations if you want to.


The sample scripts will give you a quick start. There is a script for setting up just a single Windows 8.1 machine, a small single domain with just one DC and one server up to the full blown scenario with 12 machines and all products listed in the summary above. You have just to set the paths inside the scripts. Before the lab gets installed all paths will be checked and you get an error message with further information if there is something wrong.
Just pick one of the sample scripts and set the paths according to your system. Make sure that the ISO images are available. Then just invoke the script in an elevated PowerShell (preferably ISE). The installation takes 5 minutes up to several hours depending on the script you choose and the speed of your drives.