The core functionality of the MP is pretty simple. It makes API calls to your instance of Azure AD Connect Sync Health. If there is a new alert it will generate a corresponding alert in SCOM. When the alert is resolved in AAD Connect Sync Health, it will close out in SCOM.

I also added in a custom class/monitor that looks for instances of the Microsoft Azure AD Sync Service:

AAD Connect Sync Health will monitor this too, but it doesn’t monitor it as real-time as SCOM does. I would rather know within 60 seconds if Sync is down rather than having to wait, so it is a nice better together story to have this working in conjunction with Azure AD Connect Sync Health.

In addition the MP monitors the core services which feed Azure AAD Connect Sync Health:

Again if these services go down you will eventually be alerted by AAD Connect Sync Health, but why wait? Since these services are delayed start, I built a custom Unit Monitor Type that gives them a little more leeway so we check the service state every 30 seconds but unlike the default NT Service Unit Monitor Type we wait until we have 6 consecutive samples of service stopped detected before we alert. Since these monitors are tied to the class based on the presence of the Azure AD Sync service, they will also alert if you have a server with the sync service which doesn’t have the Azure AD Connect Health Sync Agent/services installed. (If this is an issue, you can always shut the monitors off, but without those services installed and running you are losing 95% of the functionality provided by this pack.)

For the full description/prerequisites and instructions go here:

The MP is still very much in beta form, and it falls under the usual AS-IS/test heavily/use at your own risk disclaimer that accompanies all community based MPs. I am actively seeking feedback and will come out with additional versions as time allows, so if you have suggestions please feel free to send them my way. If you DM @OpsConfig on Twitter, or leave a comment on my site and I will respond via e-mail.