Azure IaaS Toolkit

Azure IaaS Toolkit allows you to manage your VM's Networks, Load Balancers, Endpoint and Network Security Groups.

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Windows Azure
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  • IaaS V2
    2 Posts | Last post October 03, 2015
    • I'm curently building an new Azure cloud based in IaaS v2 and this great script isn't working for me here.
      Befofe i can do anything i need to select an cloudservice and in IaaS v2 you don't need it anymore. so i don't have one
      Would like to so an update for this.
    • Hi, A V2 is based on ARM. for me at the moment it is difficult to port it to V2 as not all the cmdlets are available just because not everything is supported in v2. But, once all the cmdlets are known I will try to update this project.