Building secure solutions to protect corporate and user data can be costly for any organization, and face numerous technical challenges along the way. In the media and entertainment industry, these challenges are compounded by the need to create new channels for the creation, distribution, and consumption of high-value digital assets. The Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA), a worldwide standards body for the entertainment and software industry, has long understood the need of its members to operate individually and jointly in a secure manner, particularly in an enhanced threat landscape that has evolved dramatically. As a result, the CDSA developed the Content Protection & Security (CPS) standard to provide a set of controls designed to ensure the continued integrity of intellectual property, confidentiality, and media asset security at all stages of the supply chain.

Microsoft Azure is the first hyper-scale cloud platform certified to comply with the CDSA’s CPS standard, offering powerful and highly scalable cloud-based encoding, encryption, and streaming components to enable the creation and distribution of both internal digital work products as well as the distribution and monetization of valuable and premium digital content to a global audience using today’s most popular digital devices.

This document describes how Azure, and in particular Azure Media Services, can enable you to create CDSA CPS compliant solutions securely. Emphasis will be placed on describing how the controls are implemented in Azure to provide CPS-compliant content improved protection and security, and help you understand how Azure helps protect your cloud deployments and determine if these capabilities and controls are suitable for your unique requirements.