This is a simple script to back up your Lync 2013 or Skype for Business (SfB) Standard or Enterprise Edition Server to a single zip.file. It does not only make a copy of your topology, but will make a backup of your IIS files, your SQL server databases and much more.

This is really a continuation of the backup-lync2013 script, but has been modified for SfB.

The current version is now 4.3 - June 2019

Version History:

(To see a complete history, use get-help, or see the backup-lync2013 page: 

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More about the script:

Information about the backup-lync2013 and backup-sfb can be found at my blog:

There are also a few Demo videos available:

Here is a recording of my TechED 2014 (EU) session on the topic: