BalloonNotification - PowerShell module writen in C# using NotifyIcon

A development example of C # PowerShell 2.0 module, and using of the.NET Class Notify Icon. The module creates a notification balloon and a icon in system tray.

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Operating System
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    3 Posts | Last post October 15, 2012
    • Hi,
      Thanks for the module. Any reason why you developed the module in C# while it can be easily done with Powershell with few lines of code? Check the below example.
    • My guess is because the C# code does proper cleanup and won't litter the Notification Area with all kinds of PowerShell icons. It also supports clicking on the balloon to respond to the event.
    • Greg Wojan have already answered the question. Thank you. It is possible to deal with NotifyIcon with PowerShell, but it is easier to create a separate Notify thread and perform cleanup through C # code than with PowerShell. I was also curious on Visual Studio 2012, and that’s a part of the reason.. ;-)
      PowerShell is a powerful language and my recommendation is that as far as possible also write modules with PowerShell code.