In this post I will share with you a little PowerShell GUI I in created to display before starting your deployment if your computer is not plug in.
Change the text or languageYou can change easily the text inside the GUI and also the title bar in order to add your own language for instance.
I try to make it simple to add your own language.
For that after downloading content proceed as below:
1. Open the file GUI_Config.xml
2. See below how looks like the XML content
3. Change the text with your language
Is your computer running on battery ?
In order to display the GUI we have to find a way to detect if your computer is plugged-in or running on battery.For that we will use the WMI query below:
gwmi -Class Win32_Battery).BatteryStatus -ne 2

We will use two methods to display the GUI:
- Display the GUI once
- Display the GUI until the computer is plug in

See here the full post.