BizTalkApplicationDeployment is a windows application that is built to automate the deployment of biztalk msi.

Download the zip file and copy the folder on any of the BizTalk messaging server. Run the exe as administrator

The tool is built for automating your BizTalk applications deployments across multiple servers using the native BizTalk built MSIs that is generated from BizTalk Admin console or the BTDF generated Msi (Beta).

The deployment tool frees you from hassles of scripting/ multiple server logons to run scripts etc. You get a single UI from where all your actions can be executed giving you a complete picture of the deployment steps.
The tool uses library WindowsInstaller from to get Msi info.

The tool is intuitive and various features in the tool are easy to use. Please use the tool and post your comments for any questions/ wishes etc..

BizTalk Application Deployment tool has following main features :