BizTalk Server leverages the Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities for securely storing critical information such as secure configuration properties (for example, the proxy user ID, and proxy password) for the BizTalk adapters. Therefore, BizTalk Server requires SSO to work properly. BizTalk Server automatically installs SSO on every computer where you install the BizTalk Server runtime.

But it also can keep your own application configuration data in SSO database, let say the usual configurations that we normally keep in a configuration file (“app.config”)). If you’ve been in the BizTalk world long enough, you’ve probably faced this challenge or need and until 2009 there wasn’t an easy way to archive that and Richard Seroter’s BizTalk SSO Configuration Data Storage Tool was the go tool to store and manage Single Sign-On (SSO) applications - this is still a valid tool and if you rebuild the code in the last version of BizTalk Server it still works perfectly. 

In mid-2009 Microsoft released an MMC snap-in to tackle this exact issue: SSO Configuration Application MMC Snap-In provides the ability to add and manage applications, add and manage key-value pairs in the SSO database, as well as import and export configuration applications so that they can be deployed to different environments. It wasn't nor is it the perfect tool in my opinion since it as several UI limitations but it worked perfectly until... a new version of BizTalk Server was released.

Unfortunately, this tool will not work properly at least from BizTalk Server 2013 forward. At first sight, it seems that everything is working properly but when you try to create a key-value pair you will see that nothing happens and no key is created.

At the time I published a hotfix for the tool:

And M.R.Ashwin Prabhu published the same hotfix for BizTalk Server 2016: BizTalk Server 2016: Fix for SSO Configuration Application MMC Snap-In.

In part, these hotfixes solved the issue but I recently realized that the tool even with the hotfix doesn't work properly in multiple environments and to try to uninstall the Microsoft snap-in after the hotfix is "installed" it is a nightmare.

Again, Richard Seroter tool is a great tool but is not fully compatible with Microsoft tool and in some parts, I liked that tool. So, my team and I decided to "recreate" and improve SSO Application Configuration and the result is this:


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