* Attached a zip file, which includes code files and the presentation from the lecture of Ronen Ariely at SQLSaturday #481 event.


JSON defines a small set of formatting rules, designed to be as lightweight as possible text format, for the serialization of structured data. JSON can represent four primitive types (Strings, Numbers, Booleans, and Null) and two structured types (Objects and Arrays).

SQL Server 2016 provides built-in support for importing, exporting, parsing, and querying JSON documents. However, JSON support is not the same as the native JSON type, and it implemented using NVARCHAR type. This might lead to bad performance. For example, there's no built-in option for indexing, which can give us direct use of data as structured data.

In this session we will demonstrate several built-in JSON support functions in SQL Server 2016, and we will finish with some tricks and tips to improve performance.

About the lecturer

Ronen Ariely is a senior consultant, an applications & data architect. He has more than 15 years' experience in variety programming languages and technologies, leading development teams, and software companies, SQL & BI enterprise level solutions. Ronen is active in communities (aka pituach) in the field of Programming, SQL Server, and T-SQL. He serves as Moderator at MSDN and as one of the Microsoft TechNet WIKI communities' leaders. Ronen writes technical blogs, TechNet articles and blogs, and has been awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.