This Powershell script is a tool dedicated to the troubleshooting or management of the frequent tasks done on Configuration Manager 2012 infrastructure and clients.

It is based on the WMI database of your CM12 server, and WMI database of your clients.

You will have the possibility to retrieve all the membership of a specific collection, and retrieve some informations on a specific client:


You will have the possibility to trigger some specific actions on a client, and open the logs folder:



There is some tasks dedicated to the OSD:



The possibility of checking Or set Business hoours:



Some tasks dedicated to the collections:



And the mass import of a list of computer in a collection with directmembershiprule:



A log file is generated on the desktop of the user executing the tool.

Just launch the script and write your site server name and your Sitecode.

This is a V1, New version will come soon with new features.

Please do not hesitate to give a feed-back or a wishlist for new features or improvement.