- Fixed an issue when the UpdateList array were empty, it will now set it correctly.


 - New version 2.0 released 


A few months ago I created a script that would assist ConfigMgr admins with cleaning up their Software Update Groups from expired and superseded Software Updates. Although this script needed manual interaction by selecting what Software Update Group to clean, specifying to keep the content or remove it, I think it was a huge help to the community. I was contact by a fellow named Merlijn who had made his own contributions to the script and it gave me some ideas. The first thing he did was to add the functionality to select only to clean Expired Software Updates. With this addition, administrators that are managing supersedence manually have more flexibility to control their environment. So I've decided to update the Clean-CMSoftwareUpdateGroup.ps1 script with his code, and made some alterations myself so that it can now be leveraged as a console extension to clean all of the Software Update Groups in four different ways. From the comments I received on the previous script, it occurred to me that the readers of this blog really wanted to automate this workflow in every way. You spoke and I listened, so I hereby bring you the updated version of this script, now as a console extension. Although I highlight the possibility to use this as a console extension, the script is built to be used in any manner that might suit the admin.

With this updated script, you now have the option to clean your Software Update Groups with the following criteria:

Documentation and installation instructions

You can read the documentation and installation instructions on my blog post regarding this console extension.