You implement shared mailboxes as part of a legacy public folder migration. Access to the shared mailbox provided by dedicated security groups which, in this case, provide access to dedicated sub folders within the mailbox.

The migrated legacy public folder content contained items marked as private.

When you access a shared mailbox as a group member you are not able to see or access private items.

The privacy level (Sensitivity) of a mailbox item is controlled by MAPI extended property 0x36.

When an item does have an extended property 0x36, the value is set to 0.

A mailbox is accessed using Exchange Web Services. The EWS endpoint is discovered using AutoDiscover for the selected mailbox.

The item modificatiuon is handled by the following code segment:


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var extendedPropertyDefinition = new ExtendedPropertyDefinition(0x36, MapiPropertyType.Integer); 
int extendedPropertyindex = 0; 
foreach (var extendedProperty in Message.ExtendedProperties) 
    if (extendedProperty.PropertyDefinition == extendedPropertyDefinition) 
        if (log.IsInfoEnabled) 
            log.Info(string.Format("Try to remove private flag from message: {0}", Message.Subject)); 
            Console.WriteLine("Try to remove private flag from message: {0}", Message.Subject); 
        // Set the value of the extended property to 0 (which is Sensitivity normal, 2 would be private) 
        Message.ExtendedProperties[extendedPropertyindex].Value = 0; 
        // Update the item on the server with the new client-side value of the target extended property. 



Search through the mailbox and ask for changing a item if -logonly is not set to true.
If -foldername is given the folder path are compared to the folder name.
If -logonly is set to true only a log will be created.


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RemovePrivateFlags.exe -mailbox [-logonly] [-foldername "Inbox"]
Search through the mailbox, if -noconfirmation is set to true all items will be altered without confirmation.
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RemovePrivateFlags.exe -mailbox [-foldername "Inbox"] [-noconfirmation]
The file provided is the the most recent compiled release of the command line utility.