Allows you to delete some or all of the Client Installation requests that might be taking place on a System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Primary Site server.

Works on R2 and non-R2 sites.

Will not work on the 2007 edition due to Client Push database reporting and control capabilities only being present in the 2012 edition.

Permissions needed: Designed and run as full administrator. You will need local admin rights to the ConfigMgr Site server and full rights on the ConfigMgr DB. Firewalls and lesser permissions may disrupt the tool.

Requirements: .Net 4

The tool works both locally and remotely but better to run this local otherwise incur a performance penalty for remote SQL and File System access.

The tool is free for both personal and commercial use but remains the property of the author.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, the author cannot be held liable by the resultant use and\or effect of this tool.

Written by Robert Marshall - SMSMarshall Ltd (C) 2012