ConfigMgr Client Push Manager

Allows you to delete some or all of the Client Installation requests that might be taking place on a System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Primary Site server. Works on R2 and non-R2 sites. Will not work on the 2007 edition due to Client Push database reporting and contr

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  • Working on Current Branch (1710)?
    2 Posts | Last post August 14, 2019
    • Hey Guys - 
      I loved this tool, but never was able to get it to work on more recent versions.  It connects seemingly, but reports "No CCRs found on the file system."  Has anyone gotten it to work on newer versions and if so, how?  I'm an SCCM and local admin and have tried connecting numerous ways.  Thanks!
    • im on CB 1906, and as long as i run as admin, it works
  • How does this work ?
    4 Posts | Last post March 16, 2014
    • Hello Robert,
      Great Tool! I really wanted to know the inner workings of this tool.
      I read that in SCCM 2012:
      "Client push installation starts and tracks the installation of the client by using the Configuration Manager database and no longer creates individual .CCR files. When you enable client push installation for a site, all discovered resources that are assigned to the site and that do not have a client installed are immediately added to the database, and client installation begins."
      as mentioned here :
      So does the tool create CCRs and push it to the Inbox for processing but as per the above link now ConfigMgr Database handles these requests.
      I was exploring to do something similar using PowerShell, any pointers ?
    • New tables, views and stored procedures have been created, you can look at v_CP_Machine and anything else with _CP in it.
      If I recall all the new Client Push database stuff is for is reporting, and is primed when you perform a Client Push. 
      Client Push will pass on a request to the CCM Component to begin generating CCR's, this request is "in-memory", a one-off, and if memory serves me rightly new CCR's won't be generated when CCM is restarted even if entries in the new Client Push table ClientPushMachine_G are still set to 0 (zero = New entry, ready for install), or, it may have been the case that all CCR's needed to be generated at least once to obtain a state of non-zero.
      Go take a look at the stored procedures with _CP or views, tables with _CP in.
      I put this list together quickly, from an R2 Site server:
    • Question: So does the tool create CCRs and push it to the Inbox for processing but as per the above link now ConfigMgr Database handles these requests.
      Answer: Client Push Manager does not create CCR's or write to the new Client Push SQL Tables. We enumerate the file system for CCR files in CCR.BOX and CCRRETRY.BOX and obtain the related Client Push status information for the CCR's from SQL. If there are no CCR's on the file system then nothing will be listed even if there are reporting entries the new Client Push table.
    • Thanks for taking time and explaining it :)