I'm very proud announcing the first and complete Guide into CloudPBX with Cloud Connector Edition CCE.

This guide is for Microsoft customers and partners, as well as vendors useful in the same (I promise ;) ).

It explains the entire technology and all related commands and cmslets.


Important is the Multi-Site CCE Design, which is most complex, but fully discovered and opened for your understanding.

A huge thanks to Westcon UCC, who allowed my spending a a lot of time finishing this.


A more detailed guide including a the seesion boarder controller configuration Cloud Link Sonus is ready for download here:

Admin Guide Cloud Connector Edition for Cloud PBX - Office 365 -Sonus Cloud Link 



Therefore I'm very pleased in supporting the readers and try my best answering all questions.
You can contact me via my blog http://lyncuc.blogspot.com



Introduction of Cloud Connector Edition               5

Generic terms of Office 365 PSTN connectivity  5

Topology support in Office 365 with Skype for Business 6

On-Premise without any Office 365 connectivity              6

On-Premise Skype for Business with Office 365 Cloud PBX connectivity (Federation to Office 365 and Cloud PBX and PSTN CALLING SERVICE)               6

Office 365 with CCE (Cloud PBX)               7

Office 365 with PSTN Calling Service (native Calling Plan)              7

Typical Skype for Business federated On-Premise Installation     7

Tenant support in Office 365      10

Cloud Connector Active Directory Forest              11

Cloud Connector (CCE) Topologies          12

Outbound Call Flow        12

Inbound Call Flow            13

CCE “SBA” in planning:  14

High Availability:              15

Multi-Site deployment  15

CCE Voice Routing with multi-site (generics)       17

CCE Voice Routing on gateways (optional) – not yet supported by Microsoft       19

Migration to Cloud PBX with Cloud Connector Edition    20

Greenfield         20

Skype for Business with Enterprise Voice on-premise     21

Target: native Cloud Connector Edition 21

Target: Cloud Connector Edition with Office 365 Calling Plan (Cloud Voice Users)             21

Target: Cloud Connector Edition + Skype for Business partial Enterprise Voice (on-premise)        22

Target: Cloud Connector Edition + Office 365 Calling Plan (Cloud Voice Users) + Skype for Business partial Enterprise Voice (on-premise)        22

Summary:           23

Infrastructure requirements for Cloud Connector Edition             24

Physical infrastructure  24

Logical infrastructure     25

DNS       25

Certificates externally   26

Certificates internally     27

Firewall Port Configuration         28

Configuration Guide for Users, Dial-Plans, Voice Routes and PSTN Usage              29

Connect to Skype for Business Online    29

CCE Site generation and assignment       30

Management Guide for Users   30

Moving a User to Skype for Business Online        31

CCE User to Site assignment       32

Configuration Guide for Dial-Plans           34

Configuration Guide for Voice Routes    35

Appendix            36

Commandlets for Online configuration  36

Dial-in conferencing cmdlets      36

E911 and Location Information Service (LIS) cmdlets      36

Skype Meeting Broadcast cmdlets           36

PSTN calling cmdlets      36

Hybrid PSTN site and user cmdlets          37

Internet Protocol (IP) phone cmdlets     38

Reporting cmdlets           38

Online User cmdlets       38

Reading/ Writing Users Information and Settings             39