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Settle on the correct decision 

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Clearly Microsoft's COFEE programming that enables law implementation to get information from secret phrase secured or scrambled sources is releasing everywhere throughout the web. So would you be able to take the product, as well as violate the law by utilizing it as well.

A standout amongst the most peculiar privateer arrivals of the most recent week was definitely not a diversion, or a purchaser programming suite, a working framework or even a foreseen new motion picture or collection. It was a law requirement apparatus made by Microsoft to help with gathering and dissecting computerized legal sciences. What's more, it's all over Bittorrent sites at this moment. 

Called COFFEE, or "PC Online Forensic Evidence Extractor," Microsoft depicts the device's usefulness like so: 
With COFEE, law implementation organizations without on-the-scene PC legal sciences capacities can now more effortlessly, dependably, and cost-adequately gather unpredictable live proof. An officer with even negligible PC experience can be guided—in under 10 minutes—to utilize a pre-designed COFEE gadget. This empowers the officer to exploit a similar regular advanced crime scene investigation apparatuses utilized by specialists to assemble critical unstable proof, while doing minimal more than just embeddings a USB gadget into the PC. 

To put it plainly, it is by all accounts kind of an Idiot's Gude to Forensics… a product apparatus that permits even beat cops to gather unpredictable physical confirmation that may rapidly debase if left uncollected. 

Little possibility you have an utilization for Microsoft COFFEE, clearly. This isn't something like Modern Warfare 2 or the most recent version of Photoshop. Best case scenario, individuals downloading it are fulfilling their own interest, best case scenario, they are utilizing it to play CSI: Living Room. Regardless of whether you are an unrepentant privateer, you're in an ideal situation doing neither one of the: may be one of only a handful couple of bits of programming that unlawfully downloading will really get you in a bad position than opening.