I would like to share a tool I created to compare management packs in SCOM /SCOM or SCOM/SCSM, SCSM/SCSM management groups. In real life it is hard to compare the current management packs installed in management group A (Source) versus management group B (Target). This happens for example, if you want to have a comparison between your SCOM integration environment and your production environment. You probably want to know which management packs are equal in both management groups or which are missing in management group A and which management packs are missing in management group B compared to each other.

Check blog for more details: http://stefanroth.net/2015/03/12/scom-2012-scsm-2012-cmp-tool-v-1-0-compare-management-pack-tool/


13.03.2015 Version 1.0.1 - Fix when reloading XML, Form Resize