Compare two 'identical' PKI Certificates and quickly see any differences

Compare-PkiCertificates.ps1 compares two PKI Certificates you believe are similar or functionally identical. It displays their values side-by-side on screen and uses colour to quickly highlight where there are any differences between them.

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  • What cert store will it use?
    1 Posts | Last post June 26, 2018
    • This is perhaps not a question but a comment.
      I was trying to compare two certs with this but it was not finding the thumbprints and I confirmed they were on the mmc on the user store.
      The script is requesting to run with admin rights, therefore I thought it wouldn't be using the user store but the machine store, so I had to delete the certs and re-import them on the machine store.
      It found them after that so I think this is rather for the machine store due to the privilege elevation.
      Great tool. Thank you very much.