Now that we’ve got the option to easily enable a Prestart command in the boot image, why not extend the functionality of the OSD capabilities even more. There are many great front ends for OSD in ConfigMgr out there that administrators are using in production today. The one I’ve created is not trying to replace any of those, or simply copy their functionality. Instead I’ve created a front end that performs a couple of tasks before the deployment process can begin. If any of these checks fails, the deployment process will simply be put on a hold until the problem is remediated. In this post I’ll demonstrate how to implement this front end in a boot image, so that you can take advantage of its features. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to come up with a good name for it, so please feel free to comment about the name if you think that you’ve got a better one! At this point I’m calling it the CM2012 OSD Front End.

Read more about the ConfigMgr 2012 - OSD Front End here: