ConfigMgr Prerequisites Tool is design to help administrators prepare their infrastructure and systems when about to install Configuration Manager.




- Version 3.0.4 includes enhancements to work around the changes that came in Windows 10 ADK version 1809 (and assumingly onwards) where the tool has been updated to support both installation files to also download and install the WinPE add-on. Offline installation for Windows 10 ADK has also been updated with a new drop-down menu to specify the type of installer to ensure that the correct silent installation parameters are being used. 
- Version 3.0.3 released with a new method of detecting Windows ADK versions. From this version it now reads a XML feed hosted on
- Version 3.0.2 released including fixes again for loading Windows ADK versions from the newly moved web page.
- Version 3.0.1 released including fixes for loading Windows ADK versions from the new Windows Hardware Dev Center.
- Version 3.0.0 released ported from PowerShell to C# and with new functionality for remote actions, SQL Server and alternative credential or source locations. See the attached documentation in the download for more details.
- Version 2.0.1 released with fix for a bug that prevented the tool from launching when placed inside a folder structure containing spaces.
- Version 2.0.0 released.
- Version 1.4.2 with minor changes in the code has been released. No new features in this release.
- Version 1.4.1 has been released. Includes options to choose various version of Windows ADK to install.
- Version 1.4.0 has been released. The tool is now called ConfigMgr Prerequisites Tool.
- A bug in the code that checks if the tool has been launched elevated is now fixed. Instead of checking for 'Administrators' it's now checking for the well known SID of the local administrators group.

- Corrected a small bug where you were'nt able to select the Enrollment Proxy point.
- Fixed an issue when you choose to download the prerequisite files and selects a folder containing spaces in the name, the setupdl.exe parameters would throw an error.
- Fixed a bug where when you select SQL under Install WSUS, the textboxes would not be enabled.
- Fixed some small bugs when using Windows ADK in offline mode 
- Corrected another bug when the System Management container was already created, it would not add the group 

Previous versions
Due to a lot of people have requested that I make the previous versions available for download as well, here you go:

ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Prerequisites Installation tool 1.3.0
ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 Prerequisites Installation tool 1.2.1 

A PDF file with more details about the ConfigMgr Prerequisites Tool is embedded in the download package.