ConfigMgr Prerequisites Tool 3.0.2

This tool will assist administrators in installing all the correct prerequisites for a ConfigMgr hierarchy, different Site Systems Roles and much more.

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  • ADK Load Causes App to Fail?
    2 Posts | Last post February 15, 2018
    • On version 3.0.1, trying to load the ADK versions is causing the application to fail and close. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I used version 3.0.1 and it worked correctly - I was able to load and install ADK 1709 for Windows 10. If I try the application today, it closes after clicking Load. I tried on different servers, including servers where I used the application before, and I get the same result.
    • I meant to say "I used version 3.0.1 before and it worked correctly".
  • Settings only asks for user name and password
    2 Posts | Last post January 25, 2018
    • Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, since this works for everyone else.
      Windows Server 2016 std, fully patched.  Open ConfigMgr Prereq tool 3.0.1, go to settings to enter alternate defaults (like location of windows server files for install).
      All I get is a window asking for user name and password.  I've tried local admin account, domain admin.
      Can't get by this to enter any settings.
      What am I missing?
    • I missed the tabs on top of each of the selections in the main vertical lists.
      Sorry about this question.  Too late to delete it.
  • AD group permission (where SCCM server computer account is a member) did not pass SCCM install check.
    2 Posts | Last post January 17, 2018
    • Hi Nickolaj! Awesome tool. I used it to create a SCCM lab running a DC Server (Win2016 Datacenter) and SCCM Server (Win2016 Standard). I noticed that the tool did give permissions to the AD Group that the SCCM Server computer account is a member but at the end of the SCCM installation it reported that there was a problem for the computer account to access the AD. I had to manually delegate permissions for the SCCM Server computer account to access the System Management container and then SCCM installation pass the check ok with no warnings. Don't know if I did something wrong or the tool has something to fix. 
    • Hi Lucas,
      That's in fact a known issue with the prerequisite checker in ConfigMgr setup, and not an bug with the ConfigMgr Prerequisite Tool. Thanks for reporting it though!
  • NET 3.5 Feature installation option
    2 Posts | Last post January 17, 2018
    • Hi
      Is it possible to add option like .NET 3.5 Feature installation option. I mean path (E:\sources\sxs)
    • Hi,
      That's already possible under Settings > Sources.
  • IIS 6 WMI Compatibility issue
    2 Posts | Last post January 17, 2018
    • Do you plan to fix IIS 6 WMI Compatibility issue 
      it is not installed when I chose Site - Site selection: prepare Pr Site and click install 
    • Hi,
      Version 3.0.1 is splitting out only the required features for a Primary Site, in case you want to off load the DP/MP that are installed by default on remote site servers. See the following table for required features for the Primary Site only:
  • Firewall
    2 Posts | Last post January 17, 2018
    • What would be a cool feature and save a lot of time is a section that opened up firewall ports for different roles.  That would save loads of time!
    • Hi,
      I've received this feedback before, and I think it's a great request. Could you please share some more information in regards to what you were thinking specifically? SQL Ports and what more?
  • Add Site Server to Administrators Group?
    2 Posts | Last post December 04, 2017
    • Great tool, Nickolaj!  I've been using your 1.4.1 tool for some time and liked the option to add the site server to the admins group within the tool.  Is that still available/needed with this?  All in all, great update.
    • Thank you! It will be added back in a future release for sure :-)
  • IIS monitor feature
    2 Posts | Last post December 04, 2017
    • Hello Nickolaj,
      Congratulations on the tool, works really well. 
      Can you please add to the DP role installation the Request Monitor? It's helpful to see who is connecting to the server. 
      Thank you. 
    • Hi Alin,
      Thank you :-)
      Since it's not a required feature it'll not be added for this tool. I suggest that you add it manually instead.
  • ADK Version Not Loading
    2 Posts | Last post December 04, 2017
    • ADK version Not loading even if Network adapter has internet access, get request time out to , is this known issue and inline to fix ? 
    • Can you browse to that web page on the server?
  • Is there an issue with the CAS Role? Dot net 3.5 is missing
    1 Posts | Last post November 03, 2017
    • Hi Nickolaj, 
      first great work, the tool is very useful, but if you have a clean Server 2016 and install the CAS Role NotNet Core installation does not work. And I am not sure if .Net 3.5 is not needed any longer for e.g. SCCM 2012 R2 because it is recommended for it. After installing .Net 3.5 everything works fine. 
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