This tool is for TCP port testing on SCCM client systems. It checks the local ports required by the SCCM client as well as connectivity to management point, distribution point and sofware update point servers. In addition, there is a custom port tester for testing any inbound or outbound port to any destination.

Use the tool to verify that the client can communicate on the required ports for SCCM. The default ports can be edited in the case that non-default port numbers are in use, or additional ports are required.

It will only test TCP ports, not UDP.

For more information, see my blog.


This WPF tool is coded in Xaml and PowerShell and uses the MahApps.Metro open source library.


To use the tool, extract the ZIP file, right-click the ConfigMgr Client TCP Port Tester.ps1 and run with PowerShell.

Source Code

Source code can be found on GitHub.