ConfigMgr Content Location Request Generator (CLRGenCMD) - Console Edition

The Console edition of the Content Location Request Generator tool. A ConfigMgr 2012 tool for generating Content Location Requests (CLR) for a specified Package against a specified Management Point that takes inputs and returns the Management Point response or a descriptive error

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  • Usage information (/?) not correct
    3 Posts | Last post September 07, 2015
    • Very nice Tool. However the /? switch fails to mention two important points - that /sitecode must be specified and that some switches requires a trailing : (ie /mp:) 
    • Grateful for the feedback Lars, I'll roll another exe with these changes soon
    • To note, the SiteCode is not a mandatory parameter, I just tested and it worked fine without it, which leaves the references to the trailing : which I've added above. I cannot recomplile this project so no chance of ammending the /? output. I'll deprecate this tool soon with a newer more awesome release.
  • Cannot get it working
    2 Posts | Last post September 07, 2015
    • Hello, i am not able to get the tool working. I get no output
      Here is the commandline:
      CLRGenCMD.exe /MP:SCCMTST /PackageID:TST00035 /PackageVersion:1 /sitecode:TST
    • I see that here too, thanks for mentioning.
      I lost the source code to this project in a recent HDD failure, I'm now storing it all using Visual Studio Online so as to mitigate against source code loss in the future.
      I'm rewriting this tools features into a new tool, and in the meantime I cannot offer up any updates to this tool here, but, if you add /Interval:1h to your command line it'll work, you'll need to CTRL-C to end the process when you've got a response though. HTH.