All Applications deployments status. 4

All Packages deployments status. 5

All Software updates deployments status. 6

All Task Sequence deployments status. 7

All Configuration baseline deployments status. 9

All Applications available in ConfigMgr 9

All Packages available in ConfigMgr 9

All Collections available in ConfigMgr 10

All Applications Content Distribution status. 11

All Packages Content Distribution status. 12

All Packages which are waiting to distribute content to DPs. 13

All Obsolete Clients detailed status. 13

All Duplicate Clients detailed status. 14

All Workstations not Assigned Clients detailed status. 15

All Workstations Agent Health Status. 16

All Workstations Unhealthy Clients detailed status. 20

All Workstations Inactive Clients detailed status. 21

All Workstations Client version status. 22

All Workstations Client Installation failure status. 23

All Site Servers Issue MP components status. 23

All Site Servers Issue DP components status. 24

All Site Servers Issue DDR components status. 25

All Site Servers Issue CCR components status. 25

All Site Servers Issue WSUS components status. 26

All Site Servers Issue Discovery components status. 27

All Site Servers Issue Collection Evaluator components status. 28

All Site Servers Issue Hardware Inventory components status. 28

All Site Servers Issue Despooler components status. 29

All Site Servers Issue Inbox Monitor components status. 30

All Site Servers Issue Component Monitor components status. 31

All Site Servers Issue Others components status. 31

ConfigMgr Backup status. 32

All Distribution Points Content Validation Enable Status. 32

SQL Server Performance. 33