A big thank you to all that have downloaded this tool. I hear it is quite useful to many, and not just for monitoring ConfigMgr files but all kinds of activities.


A ConfigMgr tool which allows you to view the file counts in the inbox folder structure of a System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Site server or Site system, as well as previous versions of the product.


Note: If Windows tell you it has blocked this file from executing, get the files Properties up and Unblock it


Note: Run the tool as Administrator or you will not see the file system contents for Inboxes correctly


The tool gives you a birds-eye view of the total amount of files in each of the inboxes which can be used to visually note a backlog that needs to be investigated and resolved. It is normal for some inboxes to contain large amounts of files, do not use this tool to optimise for disk space usage, use it as part of a troubleshooting process invoked because the Primary Site server has become unhealthy.


I get feedback now and then, a big thank you for it:


Henry Wilson - I will be showing this to members of our team as a tool I will be using going forward on our CM2012 environment


Inbox Monitor connecting to a Site server:



Showing a Site servers Inboxes:



Graphing of the Site servers Inboxes:



Showing a connection to a folder:



Showing the contents of a folder:



Graphing of the contents of a folder:



Example of sampling:



Updated to Version 1.5 July 2015


Updated to Version 1.3 April 2014

Updated to Version 1.4 21st November 2014

Updated to Version 1.4.1 22nd November 2014

Updated to Version 1.4.2 24th February 2015